Presentation, Warning & Disclaimer

These web pages are not intended for the general public. I have written these pages and gathered the articles for my personal pleasure, to clarify my discoveries and to share some working hypotheses with those who, as I do, are seeking the truth and the hidden face of the "New World Order". Whatever style used in its various parts, It is not a therapy, neither a prescription or a medical order. It can only be useful to those who know how important and difficult it is to think by oneself, and who do not believe things just because they are told or requested to do so. The articles of this website have their sources and references mentionned. And when that's not possible, there are usually enough clues and details inside them to help you to continue your inquiries.

In order to access these web pages, it is essential that you have a commitment to self-responsibility. It allows you, sooner or later, with your available means and resources, to discern for yourself and according to your free-will, what it is right to believe and what should be put aside. In any case, your choice is your full responsibility.

For whom these pages are written ?

Mainly those who have experienced blackmail, manipulation, energy and/or psychotronic harassment and torture, to be mind-controlled, to be or to have been sabotaged in their lives, and/or sufficiently discredited to be deprived of a "justice", could, in these web pages, find some indications to complete their inquiries and their personal evolution.

You know the reality of "targeted individuals" or mind control over the individuals or the masses. You know that it is possible to implant ideas, thoughts, emotions, sensations and impulses, to remotely hurt, manipulate or torture.
You know it is possible to condition behaviors and circumvent the free-will in order to turn an individual into a bio-robot for various actions / functions including harming, being compromised and destroyed. In particular, you are not fooled about the fact of being or having been manipulated in your life, more or less seriously, and you want to try to see things more clearly, to learn more and in a different way, the things that happened to you.

It is above all important that you already have succeeded in, at least, putting in place a minimum of countermeasures allowing you to better reach the consciousness of your situation, to survive without giving up your right to a fulfilling and free life, as happy as possible. To access this content, it is essential to have already acquired a certain discernment and at least the milestones of a self-responsibility and having taken the measures within your reach and means to think freely, as far as possible. Otherwise, this site may not be very useful ...

You already have been a target, blacklisted, abused in one way or another, discredited and manipulated to be deprived of your rights or achievements and ruined, or condemned without understanding what was happening to you as well as deprived of the means to express yourself or to avoid injustice towards you. Or your life, or that of your loved ones, has been threatened...

Whatever the life you may have had, you have managed to ensure that neither hate, racism, jealousy or hypocrisy, nor revenge has become a reference to you, a normal part of your life.

Given the level of consciousness that you have been able to achieve or preserve, you have realized that some principles and values may come before the economic interests, as illogical as it seems.

You try not to take part in animal cruelty, or you have a vegan commitment or you have a non egoïstical concern for all including the environment.

You have understood the importance of controlling the ingredients in your personal care products.

The "electro-sensitive" and "hyper-sensitive" persons as well, will be able to recognize in these web pages, certain issues by which, despite themselves, they are among the first to be affected.

Caution !

If you are in therapy or care for physical, psychological or mental needs, finish your therapy before eventually returning to these pages and in general, take care of you on all the aspects that your condition requires with the help of the qualified professional, before reading these web pages.

Some content presented in these pages contains a certain degree of love incompatible with people who do not have this approach in their intention and their daily actions. Especially if you are officially or informally, engaged in a Masonic initiation, Occult Science or some secret group or society directly or indirectly related to any form of magic or witchcraft or seeking "Power", "Glory" or "Honors", it is strongly discouraged to access them, their content can generate at least a serious discomfort.

Who am I ?

I am a T.I. like you ! 100% of the articles, links and suggestions directly or indirectly come from my experience and are the result of my efforts, step by step, to survive ! All that is written will allow you to recognize what we have in common and I hope that this website will help you. Those who have been able to protect or release their perception will be able to read between the lines and recognize what otherwise will remain "invisible to the eyes".

The author of these pages does not represent anyone, neither is the custodian of anything nor has any duty towards anyone.

One last word...

As for those to whom this site is dedicated and who courageously, often in silence, endure the worst tortures on a daily basis, I would be happy if they gain any profit from what they will find on this site. They often have lost everything or almost everything ... Even if they do not always know how they could get trapped in this “prison planet” but who, the best they can, resist the assimilation and the degeneration of the power of their heart. I assure you of all my consideration, esteem and respect.

You already understood that you are on the front line of something that the general public does not know or cannot see beyond a tiny part of the tip of the iceberg. Given the imbalance of the forces in place and the impunity of certain agencies and organizations on the one hand, and with so much T.I. manipulated, tortured, sabotaged, raped, ruined, imprisoned or pushed to murder or suicide and so on, on the other hand, you already know that it is not a game !

I will try to regularly create content that can be positive to you. On your side, if you feel any affinity with what you discover, you can regularly visit these pages, have a look at the Partners page or make a donation that will help with the development of the site.

To all those who are sometimes on the brink of despair or who by their courage, their inner strength and their nobility of heart and soul, have been able to cross and above all to survive the trials of cruelty beyond imagination, sometimes, I repeat the only two words someone told me a few years ago, when the final hope seemed lost : 
"Hold on"!

" The world is not dangerous because of those wo do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything"

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

In what is nothing less than a war of extermination, there is no possible neutrality as it is said in the documentary "Ex Gangstalking operative... " that you absolutely must watch... Those who believe themselves to be "on the right side" rarely have the means to see how manipulated they have been and to act accordingly... The general public does not know how much he is already enslaved.

I willingly share, through this website, information, links and « exercices »-precious tools- hoping it will be helpfull. Make good use of it.

If more and more T.Is change their situation and make the best choices, it may be a significant and important first step.

There is little space for maneuver, but unity makes strength.

Good luck.