Please find below a selection of the most important documents to know. The following documents might help you see things more clearly, get your life back on track and get better. If more and more T.Is change their situation and make the best choices, it may be a significant and important first step. More work to be done, of course... But you have nothing to lose, if you understood well and unity makes strength... For the rest, follow the path of your heart and good luck ! 


These texts are not intended to be considered just as documentation. Based on my experience, they are true tools to practice on a daily basis, even if it is not always perfect. As a result, they enable you to put in place, rather easily, a top tier help to get out of a trap of an extraordinary complexity and evil. As recommended in the Presentation, you have already put in place a minimum of security to support your basic needs. No matter how tired, exhausted or dumb you might feel. Keep hope : Read, read again, practice again and again even if it is with one very little step after the other. Good luck.

The 13 rules of Spiritual Resistance

Demonic & Psychotronic tortures : To understand the attack and how to thwart it

The Charger Breath

The Golden Rule

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There are all kinds of intoxication designed either to enable mind control, weaken immune system and interfere with our DNA or harm (and kill) living ones including humans but not only. There are all kinds of « Mass destruction weapons »...Without knowing and seeing things clearly, it is impossible to take the appropriate measures and make the best possible choices. Again, even if it is not the funiest subject, these texts are not for nourrishing despair. Quite the contrary ! They are a step to escape the worst prison : Ignorance.  

Heavy metals intoxication

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