There are all kinds of intoxications designed either to enable mind control, weaken immune system and interfere with our DNA or harm (and kill) living beings including humans but not only. There are all kinds of « Mass destruction weapons »...Without knowing and seeing things clearly, it is impossible to take the appropriate measures and make the best possible choices. Again, even if it is not the funiest subject, these texts are not for nourrishing despair. Quite the contrary ! They are a step to escape the worst prison : Ignorance. 

Heavy Metals Intoxication

Heavy metal poisoning 

Update on heavy metals and chelation processes  

The danger of heavy metals and their supposed link to contemporary diseases.

Allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, endocrine problems, psychological disorders...  

As radioactivity, you don't see it, you don't feel it, you only detect it in analytical laboratories. They've invaded the earth, the sky, the sea, and they're accumulating in the organisms of all living beings. Today, heavy metals pose a serious threat to the balance of nature and the survival of many living species. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of chronic diseases can be caused, directly or indirectly, by environmental pollution. The most dangerous pollutants are mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, iron and copper.

About a century ago, thanks to modern technology, man began to exploit their mineral resources buried deep inside the earth. Today, about 10 million pounds of mercury are released by industry, and among them 250,000 pounds by dentists in the United States. The annual production of cadmium is around 2,000 tons. (One ton = 2,000 pounds). Cadmium is now everywhere, in air, water and food. It is estimated that every human being consumes about 20 micrograms of cadmium every day. For smokers, absorption is twice as high. Anemia, osteoporosis, vertebrae pain, stones on the kidneys and a decrease in fertility are symptoms that can be linked to chronic cadmium poisoning. Other metals such as lead, nickel, cobalt and palladium are very toxic to our bodies and are also increasingly found in our environment.

Our body is comparable to a large chemical laboratory. Every second, there are thousands of chemical processes in our organs and cells. Essential metals or minerals play a key role in these biochemical processes (electrolyte and enzyme processes). The presence of heavy metals deeply disturbs the biochemical equilibrium of our cells. Already in 1975, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that about 80% of chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma, cancer could be caused directly or indirectly by environmental pollution.

In terms of toxicity, all heavy metals are similar. On the other hand, most people are more in contact with mercury because of dental amalgam. Mercury is the only metal that remains liquid at room temperature. The fact that it is liquid increases its ability to evaporate. Indeed, after a week a mass of mercury disappears, it evaporates everywhere in the environment... no smell, no color. These characteristics make it very dangerous because it is easily absorbed by the skin, lungs, stomach and gut.

Summary of major hazards of heavy metals :

  • They replace or substitute essential minerals.

  • They have an antibiotic effect, which increases the resistance of bacteria.

  • They change our genetic code.

  • They produce free radicals.

  • They neutralize amino acids used for detoxification.

  • They cause allergies.

  • They damage nerve cells.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Aluminum, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, copper, iron, lead, mercury, nickel... The presence of heavy metals in our systems is very serious because these metals are capable of causing serious health problems by interfering with the initial biological function. Although they can be found in high concentrations in the body, a number of these heavy metals (aluminum, beryllium, cadmium, lomb and mercury) have no known biological function. Others (arsenic, copper, iron and nickel) are considered essential at low concentrations but are toxic at high levels.

    In general, heavy metals disrupt basic metabolic functions in two ways:  

    1. First, they accumulate and disrupt the function of vital organs and glands such as the heart, brain, kidneys, bones, liver, etc.

    2. Second, they displace the essential nutrients that are minerals that no longer fulfill their biological function. For example, enzymes are catalysts for almost all biochemical reactions in all metabolic processes. Instead of having calcium in an enzyme reaction, lead or cadmium may be in its place. Toxic metals cannot perform the same role as essential minerals, so their presence disrupts enzyme activity.

    Because their impact is at such a fundamental level, heavy metals can be causal factors in literally all health problems. The unavoidable reality is that it is impossible in our time not to be exposed to heavy metals. It's just a question of how much, and how often.    

The following is a list of major sources and effects of heavy metals :  


    * SOURCES: Aluminum foil, animal feed, antiacids, aspirin, automotive exhaust gas, yeast, beer, bleached flour, cans, ceramics, cigarette filters, color additives, construction materials, cooking utensils, cosmetics, dental amalgam, deodorants, drinking water, dust, cabling insulation, medicines, dairy products, nasal spray, pesticides, pollution, salt, tap water, tobacco smoke, toothpaste, treated water, vanilla powder.  

    * EFFECTS: Alzheimer's disease, anemia, loss of appetite, behavioral problems, cavities, colis, colite, confusion, constipation, dementia, dry mouth, dry skin, energy loss, excessive perspiration, flatulence, headaches, stomach burns, hyperactivity, inhibition of enzymatic systems, dysfunction renal, reduced immunity, learning difficulties, liver dysfunction, memory loss, neuromuscular disorders, numbness, osteoporosis, paralysis, Parkinson's disease, peptic ulcer, psychosis, reduced intestinal activity, senility, skin problems, spleen pain, stomach, muscle weakness and pain  


    * SOURCES: germicides, industrial waste, insecticides, laxatives, mercurochrome, paints, pesticides, H preparation, seafood (in particular tuna and swordfish), wastewater, skin bleaching cream, adhesives, air conditioning filters, algicides, antiseptics, battery production, body powders, broken thermometers, combustion of newspapers and building materials, cereals, cosmetics dental amalgams, fabric softeners, felt, soil waxes, fungicides, contact lens solution, suppositories, leather tanning, tattoos, water (contaminated), wood preservatives.

    * EFFECTS: Adrenal dysfunction, allergies, alopecia, anorexia, anxiety, congenital malformations, timidity, cerebral lesions, cataracts, cerebral palsy, lack of coordination/jagged movements, deafness, nervous depression, dermatitis, discouragement, dizziness, sleepiness, eczema, emotional disorders, excess saliva, fatigue, bleeding and gum pain headaches (tape), hearing loss, hyperactivity, hypothyroidism, forgetfulness, immune dysfunction, insomnia, irritability, joint pain, kidney damage, loss of self-control, memory loss, mental retardation, metallic taste, nervousness, degeneration of nerve fibers, numbness, pain in limbs, skin rashes, retinitis, schizophrenia, timidity, speech disorders, suicidal tendencies, tingling, trembling (eyelids, lips, tongue, fingers, extremities), loss of vision, weakness.

    About Mercury

    Environmental and food precautions

    First, it is prudent, where possible, to eliminate sources of mercury contamination. A good first step is to limit (or completely avoid) certain high-risk foods such as crustaceans, freshwater fish, and scavengers from the ocean floor such as skate and flounder.

    However, even deep sea fish such as tuna, swordfish, wolves and sharks can have significant levels of mercury contamination. Fish relatively less contaminated with mercury include cod, halibut, site, mackerel, sardines, red mullet and herring. Since mercury is mainly stored in fatty tissues, it is advisable to grill fish and discard cooking juices.

    Poultry grown industrially (and their eggs) that are fed with a fish feed and certain products (especially fruits such as apples) that may have been sprayed with mercury-containing pesticides must be carefully washed or removed from the feed.

    It is prudent to avoid industrial white sugar in sweets and processed foods ; buccal bacteria favored by these non-foods ferment sugar into organic acids. This increases the release of mercury and other toxic heavy metals from amalgam.

    In addition, it is very important to drink at least 15 ml per kg of fresh water at low mineralization daily to help the body eliminate toxins. Another possible source of mercury toxicity is in some drugs including conventional allopathic drugs (such as mercurochrome) and vaccines containing thimerosal as a preservative (sodium- ethyl mercurithiosalicylate).

    In addition, some Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal plants have been contaminated and/or falsified.

    However, the main source of systemic mercury toxicity in humans (confirmed by WHO and US public health services) is by far dental amalgam with mercury.    

Measuring mercury in the body

Mercury and other toxic heavy metals are mainly measured in hair, blood cells and urine samples. Hair analysis is an excellent and inexpensive test tool, but it does not provide information on the actual amount of mercury in the body or the amount mobilized by the therapeutic intervention.

The red cell analysis gives a little more information about tissue levels but overlooks the amount of mercury in the brain, bone and fat tissue. By far the most accurate and practical clinical measurement of the total relative load of mercury in the body is obtained by 24-hour elemental urine analysis.

In this procedure, a dose of DMSA and glycine is taken in the evening before testing begins. Mercury and other toxic heavy metals are extracted from their deep hiding spots in tissues. These toxins are then collected in the urine, giving a more accurate measure of the total body load.

A useful medical history review tool, called the Toxic Metal Sensitivity/Mercury Questionnaire (Table 1), was developed by Dr. Keith Sehnert and his collaborators to determine whether further laboratory assessments are recommended. If someone writes "yes" in response to 5 or more questions, it should be used as a warning signal for a toxic heavy metal test.

Remove mercury from your teeth !    

De-amalgamation, i.e. the careful and judicious removal of mercury/silver dental amalgam by a specially trained dental surgeon and their replacement by composite, non-metallic and hypoallergenic dental fillings, is the main measure that everyone, with mercury amalgam, must take. Removing dental amalgam with mercury is a process with conservative steps. It shall determine the electroconductibility of the plumbing which shall be removed in the order of the most electrically charged to the least charged. This reduces chronic daily sublimation of mercury in body tissues between dental consultations.

There are a number of acceptable techniques to protect the patient from acute toxic exposures to mercury vapors during de-amalgamation. These protective techniques include: use of a nasal mask to provide fresh air; High-speed, high-intensity strawberry; A cold water sprayer; two or more high-aspirated cannulas to remove strawberry waste and vapor; Frequent rinse of mouth with water.

Some dentists may recommend concomitant intravenous shots with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) during the procedure to help chelate the released mercury.(5)

Special laboratory tests, such as the Clifford Materials Reactivity Test (6), may also be performed to help select the appropriate mercury-free composite to be used to replace mercury-based plumbing.

Toxic Metal Sensitivity Questionnaire/Mercury

1 Irritated Gentiles (Gingivite) Yes No

2 Mental symptoms as confusion, memory loss ?  Yes No

3 Severe Depression  Yes No

4 Ear buzzes (tinnitus) Yes No

5 Mandibular time join problems Yes No

6 Unusual hand or arm shaking or stirring other muscles Yes No

7 Brown spots or old age tasks Yes No

8 Cold, flu, infectious diseases Yes No

9 Allergies or food intolerance Yes No

10 Have you been to several doctors for your ealth problems,

just to hear that everything is okay? Yes No

11 Unexplained numbness or tingling in arms or legs Yes No

13 Difficulty walking (ataxy) Yes No

14 10 silver or more plumbing Yes No

15 A metallic taste in the mouth Yes No

16 You have worked as a painter or in factories making chemicals,

pesticides, fungicides or in a pulp mill using mercury Yes No

17 You have worked as a dentist, hygienist or dental assistant Yes No

18 Infections by Candida or Yeast-related Complex Yes No

19 Bad breath (halitosis) or white tongue (muguet) Yes No

20 Low basic body temperature below 36.3 °C Yes No

21 Constipation 22 Irregular or rapid cardiac heartbeat (tachycardia) Yes No

23 Arthritis Yes No

24 Mucus in stools Yes No

25 Pain in the chest Yes No

26 Bad sleep or insomnia Yes No

27 Frequent renal infections or kidney problems Yes No

28 Extreme fatigue Yes No

29 Irritability or profound changes in behavior Yes No

30 Use of antidepressants Yes No


    * SOURCES : Combustion of arsenate in the treatment of building materials, combustion of coal, spray against insects, pesticides, arsenic-rich soil, seafood in coastal waters, in particular mussels, oysters and shrimp  

    * EFFECTS : Abdominal pain, anorexia, brittle nails, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, chronic anemia, burning sensation in the mouth / esophagus / stomach / intestine, confusion, convulsions, dermatitis, sleepiness, enzymatic inhibition, smell of garlic for breath / feces, hair loss, headache, hyper nail and skin pigmentation, increased risk of liver/lung/skin cancer, mild fever, mucus in the nose and throat, muscle pains/spasms/weakness, nervousness, respiratory tract infections, difficulty in swallowing, metal taste, throat constriction.


    * SOURCES: coal combustion, industry, household products, industrial dust  

    * EFFECTS: Disruption of calcium and vitamin D metabolism, magnesium exhaustion, lung cancer, pulmonary infection, rickets, dysfunction of vital organs    


    SOURCE : Contaminants in industrial air, batteries, candy, ceramics, cigarette smoke, colas, congenital intoxication, copper refineries, copper alloys, dental alloys, drinking water, electroplating, fertilizers, food from contaminated soils, fungicides, tire/rubber/plastic incineration, instant coffee, iron roofs, marijuana, processed meat, evaporated oil milk, engine oil, oysters, paintings, pesticides, galvanized tubes, processed foods, cereals/flour of refined cereals, rubber, products of sea (cod, haddock, oysters, tuna), wastewater, fresh water, welds (including in cans), tobacco, automatic soft drinks vending machines, tools, steam lamps, water (city, softened, frm wells), metal welding.

    * EFFECTS : Alcoholism, alopecia, anemia, arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid arthritis), bone disease, bone pain in the middle of the bone, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cavities, cerebral hemorrhage, cirrhosis, diabetes, digestive disorders, emphysema, heart enlargement, flu-like symptoms, growth disorders, headaches, high rate cholesterol, hyperkinetic behavior, hypertension, hypoglycemia, impotence, inflammation, sterility, renal disease, learning disorders, liver damage, lung disease, migraine, nerve cell damage, osteoporosis, prostate dysfunction, reproductive disorders, schizophrenia, stroke    


    SOURCES : Contraceptive pill, congenital intoxication, copper kitchen utensils, copper tubes, dental alloys, fungicides, ice machines, industrial emissions, insecticides, swimming pools, water (city/wells), welding, avocado, beer, bluefish, bone meal, chocolate, corn oil, crabs, gelatin, cereals, lamb, liver, lobster, margarine milk, mushrooms, nuts, offal, oysters, perch, seeds, shells, soya seeds, tofu, wheat germs, yeast  

    * EFFECTS : Acne, adrenal failure, allergies, alopecia, anemia, anorexia, anxiety, arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis), autism, cancer, chills, cystic fibrosis, depression, diabetes, digestive disorders, dry mouth, insulin problems, estrogen domination, fatigue, fears, fractures, fungi, heart attack, hypertension, high levels of cholesterol, Hodgkin's disease, hyperactivity, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, low hydrochloric acid, hypoglycemia, infections, inflammation, insomnia, iron loss, ictery, kidney disorders, decreased libido, lymphoma, mental illness, migraine, mood fluctuations, multiple sclerosis, myocardial infarction, nausea, nervosity, osteoporosis, pancreatic dysfunction, panic, paranoia, phobias, PMS, schizophrenia, senility, sexual dysfunction, sluttering, stroke, dental decay, pregnancy toxemia, urinary tract infections, yeast infections


    * SOURCES : Drinking water, cooking utensils, iron pipes, welding, food : bone meal, bran, chives, clams, pulses, pulses, meat, molasses, offal, oysters, red wine, refined foods, crustaceans, soybeans, wheat germ, complete flours  

    * EFFECTS : Amenorrhea, anger, rheumatoid arthritis, birth defects, gum bleeding, cancer, constipation, diabetes, dizziness, emotional problems, fatigue, headache, heart damage, heart failure, hepatitis, hypertension, hostility, hyperactivity, infections, insomnia, irritability, joint pain, liver disease, weight loss, mental problems, metal in the mouth, severe myastheia, nausea, pancreatic damage, Parkinson's disease, premature aging, schizophrenia, scorching, shortness of breath, stubbornness


    SOURCES : Ash, automotive exhaust gas, battery manufacturing, bone meal, chocolate, tea bags, fruit cans and juices, car batteries, cigarette smoke, coal combustion, colored inks, congenital intoxication, cosmetics, utensils, galvanoplasty, dust, glass production, hair dyes, industrial emissions, lead pipes, glazzed pottery cooked with lead, liver, mascara, polished metal, milk, newsprint, pencils, pencils, pesticides, mastic, rain water, pvc containers, refineries, foundries, cans with lead seal (such as fruits,vegetables juices ), tobacco, toys, water (city/well), wine

    * EFFECTS : Abdominal pain, adrenal failure, allergies, anemia, anorexia, anxiety, saturnism, arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis), attention deficit disorder, autism, back pain, behavioral disorders, blindness, cardiovascular disease, cartilage destruction, coordination loss, concentration loss, constipation, convulsions, deafness, depression, dyslexia, emotional instability, encephalitis, epilepsy, fatigue, drop, hallucinations, headaches, hostility, hyperactivity, hypertension, hypothyroidism, helplessness, immune suppression, decrease in intellectual quotient, indigestion, infertility, insomnia, irritability, joint pain, learning disorders, hepatic impairment, loss of will, loss of memory (long term), menstrual problems, mood jumps, muscle pain, muscle weakness, muscle dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, myelopathy (spinal cord pathology), nausea, nephritis, nightmares, numbness, Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathies, psychosis, psychomotor dysfunction, pyorhea, renal dysfunction, agitation, delay, schizophrenia, sterility, stillbirths, sudden infant death, tingling, dental decay, dizziness, involuntary loss of weight    


    * SOURCES : Butter, fertilizer, food processing, duel combustion, hydrogenated fats and oils, whipped cream imitation, industrial waste, margarine, nuclear testing device, oysters, stainless steel kitchen utensils, tea bags, tobacco smoke

    * EFFECTS : Anorexia, renal dysfunction, apathy, disruption of hormones and lipid metabolism, fever, hemorrhage, headache, heart attack, cancer, low blood pressure, muscle spasms, nausea, skin problems, vomiting  


    To better understand Brome and Fluor poisoning, please read our Iodine and Halogen articles here : 

    [ : See Presentation on the "Food Supplements" Partners page and The Targeted Individual Journal Visitor Discount Offer for Purchasing Products)]

Stop the infernal cycle : Chelation  

Fortunately, it is possible to stimulate the release of excess heavy metal ions through a widely accepted process called chelation.

Chelators have molecules that have a particular affinity for heavy metals. Introduced into the body, they cling to all metal ions they encounter in the blood flow and carry them out of the body with urine and fecal materials.

Neurotoxins, whether chemical or metallic, are permanently filtered by the liver and transported into the gut by bile. But it reabsorbs them, creating an endless cycle, generating chronic disease. If this cycle can be broken by a neuro-toxin sensor, rapid recovery can be achieved. This is possible, among other things, with an algae called Chlorella, which is a relatively efficient natural chelator.

In the case of serious chronic disease, the doses are 5 to 6 g, 4 times a day for 6 weeks. After these 6 weeks, the amount of circulating neuro-toxic substances is reduced by 90%.  

Note : If conventional dental amalgam is present, it should be removed as soon as possible, but gradually, from a dental practitioner who is equipped and aware of the dangers of mercury.  

Similarly, there is synergy between effective treatment methods. Also, the effectiveness of Chlorella is greatly improved by the addition of bear garlic, and even improved with coriander. Metals includibg mercury then comes out from skin, respiration, stools and urine.

Chemical chelators , DMSA and DMPS

DMSA and DMPS are chemical remedies against unwanted metals. These substances capture and excrete the unwanted metals, thereby reducing their burden on the body. In acute situations, DMSA (meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid) or DMPS (dimercaptopropone-1-sulfonate) were successfully used to save lives.

They mainly eliminate easily accessible mercury (= extracellular and outside the central nervous system (SNC / CNS) of your body. Works well, and is "state-of-the-art" for high and medium-sized poisoning. In diseases related to amalgam its positive effects have yet to be proven. Be careful, however, that these substances chelate not only undesirable minerals, but also those that the body needs. It is therefore not recommended to use DMSA or DMPS if demineralization is present, or else it may worsen your health. Mineral supplementation and preferably diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables are required before and after each cycle.  

A course in the face of poisoning    

Book : Si ! Ça se peut by Sylvie Renault

After 26 years of illness, coming back from the gates of death, Sylvie Renault tells us about her journey in the face of chemical poisoning, her click, her path to recovery.

"Mercury poisoning affects all social classes and everyone, including doctors, have the right to know that medicine is sometimes wrong. Indeed, the mercury that sowed the storm in my life was of medical origin, via fillings and vaccines. The proof is that I escaped death at the age of 32, having my dental amalgam removed and having a mercurial detoxification. In addition to the fact that mercury can kill, it also sows neurosis by its ability to artificially trigger emotions. Reading my testimony will let you discover page after page, how it was true for me. Mercury is the energy of destruction. When he is present in our body, he dictates unstoppable authoritarian and self-destructive attitudes, by his propensity to infiltrate our nerve cell. I went through these states, and I went through detoxification, without doing any psychotherapy.

My testimony is supplemented by a documented analysis of the chemical poisoning process, which led me to conclude that most of the degenerative diseases that result from it, such as autism, Alzheimer's, cancer and so on... And my study was validated by two scientists of the highest level, Professor Picot, Director of Research at CNRS, and Michel Georget, Associate Professor in Natural Sciences.

Reproduced with the authorization of Silver  [ : See Presentation on the "Food Supplements" Partners page and The Targeted Individual Journal Visitor Discount Offer for Purchasing Products)]