In the demanding times we are going now through, to access food, shelter, and basic needs is not enough. Initiatives in order to protect yourself, to reduce vulnerabilities and to resist to all kinds of electromagnetic bombardments, mind control and even possession are necessary, including some subtle means to preserve your vitality.

This are essential measures. 

You have understood that there is little or no room for maneuvre or option of flexibility at all. We do the best we can. We hold on and we try to keep a course or to restore it, so that we can be who we truly are, even if it means to adapt to a journey wich is not an easy one.

All the products and services presented here may be useful at some point. My criteria and requirements are very high. As far as possible, I have tried to negotiate for you, advantageous conditions allowing you to get them.

It is not always possible to get the perfect product supplied by the perfect company under ideal conditions. But we make the best choice because we have to move forward ! Regularly, I will offer discount codes and/or other advantages for the visitors of this website.

The selected product and service categories are :

Energetic and electromagnetic protection

Food supplements

Energetic and electromagnetic Protection  

You probably already know the need for a healthy diet, environment and your personal discipline, or your lifestyle, for maintaining as high a vibratory level as possible, as well as enough vitality, including a strengthened immune system, to be able if not to protect yourself, at least to « counterbalance » some of the actions you may be targeted for. This is the priority with material and financial independence.

That said, there are all kinds of protections to help you. In my view, they should always be not only effective but simple, easy to use and  affordable.

5G and EMF shielding – Electromagnetic radiation protection devices – Shielding clothes – Psychic attacks Protection – Colloïdal Silver – Harmonisers – Orgone devices – Tensor Rings – Tower Busters – Smartmeters, WIFI routers and smartphone harmonisation devices – Protection and energetic rebalancing devices – For protection of people, animals, home, offices and working places and plants. Usefull Products for electrosensible and electrotargeted people.

The knowledge, wisdom and power underlying Tensor Rings, rediscovered by researchers like Spurling and others, are much older than the pyramids...

The Orgonite, when it is developed in a conscientious and serious manner, is also a way to reverse and transmute many things...

Orgonite and Tensor Rings are the tools and keys needed to break more than a small, medium, or very large-scale entrapment in a subtle and cost-effective way. It's up to you to see your potential for action.

Those who have the skill and the time, can make all these items themselves. But with this manufacturer, you have a very high level of quality and for a reasonable price. You can build your equipment step by step, one device at a time, if necessary, based on your priorities until you have all that you need. This last aspect is not insignificant : They do not depend from an electrical power supply or an electronic device and cannot go down !

For more information, download the manufacturer's e-books by visiting his website.

These products are affordable and the webshop regularly offers discounts. The Targeted Individual Journal visitors can use the code TTIJ during their purchase process to be allowed a 10% discount. Do not underestimate the value of these products but choose wisely, according to your needs or worries (Energetic, 5G, EMF, chemtrails, etc). Eventually download ebooks for better advice. You can have a look  at my favourites

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Food supplements  

As written above, and as everyone know, food can be your first medecine. But you are also aware how difficle it is to find quality nutrients in daily food. You know that if you are weak, there is little hope for learning even the basis of a true resilience and even more, to improve your resistance to a 24/7 energetic or/and electromagnetic harassement as well as all kind of challenges demanding from you to respond in an extrordinary way. Food supplement can sometimes be a useful "push" for helping your self ability to adapt and even regenerate. If you carefully paid attention to the articles and videos you will understand my recommandations of supplementing your nutrients intake. 

My strategy was that simple : To never underestimate the ability of my body to regenerate as I knew my strengh and my intellectual capacities even if not available, were not gone for ever. Have a look at my favourites.

Winterland : 


Silver Indium Gold Platinum Iode Zinc Iron Chrome Copper Magnesium Ormus

Minerals and trace elements are the intimate components of life, they are the framework of our bodies or the richness of the soil. All body processes depend on the action and interaction of minerals. They make our hearts beat, our brains think, our lungs breathe, they build our bones. They maintain our skin and much more. Minerals are not a therapy, not an "oligo-therapy", they are the very structure of the world and the intimate components of life.

If your financial means are very limited but you need to support your efforts to resist mental control (among other things by optimizing the absorption of nutrients by the cells of your body), and on the other hand to help your body resist many things more easily, I recommend at least the Iode + Indium synergy. Very economical to use, very underestimated or ignored by many but can help enormously by respecting the instructions of use for each. This minimal synergy is my favorite, but it is all the better if you have the material resources to complement it with the other minerals of this company because all they produce is of excellent quality and superb energy.

This manufacturer makes a product of very good quality products with excellent value for money : Winterland

For instance Iodine : Whether it's after reading the document "Heavy Metal Intoxication", watching " Demain tous crétins ? (Tomorrow all morons ?)", or as part of your research on Chemtrails, Morgellons or natural healing methods, you must have heard of Iodine... Also useful in case of a nuclear accident.

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