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No time to loose. No money to waste. No contradiction to tolerate either, in order to be sure to have a clear sight on things and to maintain discernment. Effectiveness is also required to support reduced and limited strenght and flexibility. These are my criteria for selecting products. There are other interesting products, of course, but I share below my experience with different products from certain brands and companies that I recommend you.

Psychic attack Pyramid 

Orgonite Pyramid for protection against psychic and psychotronic attacks.

You know my credo : It is essential to rely on oneself first so as not to depend on external contingencies. On the one hand, it is your responsability to work on yourself to be aware and in peace with yourself as much as you can. It is the reason for my articles and the videos in this website : To help you see clearly et stop feeling guilty, crazy or stupid. On the other hand, you have to put in place a material organization providing you a minimum of security. These are, in my opinion, essential, even if it is put in place step by step... This being said, protecting yourself and your loved ones is a necessity, even if it is not obvious to everyone.

At the right time, the merchant site of this Orgonite manufacturer came on my way. As a matter of fact, what I could find elsewhere didn't inspire me very much, without mentioning the price of some of them...

For a first purchase that would easily allow me to check the quality, I chose what I thought was an excellent compromise between price and properties on my list of priorities. No problem with the purchase. A delivery in less than two weeks and at the receipt a very nice object, neat, brand new because still smelling strongly the resin and well packaged. Its « sensitive » examination after a few days, revealed a powerful object to "clarify" ambiances. It is made up of metallic and crystalline particles cleverly selected for a well designed synergy. For a house or a large apartment and depending on the needs or level of gravity, you might need several of them or/and associate them with other devices. But it is a useful help that has not gone unnoticed. products are affordable and the webshop regularly offers discounts. The Targeted Individual Journal visitors can use the code TTIJ during their purchase process to be allowed a 10% discount. Do not underestimate the value of these products but choose wisely, according to your needs or worries (Energetic, 5G, EMF, chemtrails, etc). Eventually download ebooks for better advice.  To access the webshop click HERE.

Indium Winterland - (

You understood that the planned goal of everything you are going through is your destruction by wear and tear... In all areas, you are fragile, and without a "spring" you become subject to all kinds of influences. Fortunately, you might have managed to secure your daily life, your diet and some tranquility, but there is one element, rare but essential to help you in your efforts to reverse the program of drowsiness and degeneration in which you were projected. From personal experience, I would say that Indium is essential not only to optimize the absorption of the other nutrients you need so much, but rather directly, could help you restore/harmonize the coordinated functioning of your two hemispheres and the exchanges between them. It's a personal experience, but I think it's essential when you want to reduce your vulnerability to mind control. Of course, other things will have to be added to your personal hygiene and discipline... 

Those who have to fight against mind control, who have suffered certain forms of cyber torture and who have noticed the kind of disorientation and confusion that was taking place within a few days will understand that during my research I have retained some of the elements of action of the Indium highlighted by Dr. Henry A. Schroeder :

Rapidly increasing energy and force

Improvements in overall well-being

Significant decrease in age signs

Positive impact on weight

Facilitates the absorption of other trace elements from the diet and helps to prolong life.

Hypothalamus and thyroid regulator

Enhances sports performance and physical activity.

Those who have taken the time to see the effect of certain psychotronic attacks, including the process of mind control, will understand that this mineral is of vital importance...

Do your own inquiries, including on the website of this manufacturer who makes a product of very good quality with excellent value for money : Winterland 

The Targeted Individual Journal visitors who place an order and send an email to this webshop with the code : TTIJ will have their shipping costs reimbursed.

Concerning the devices I refer to in the article "Breaking your mental cage."

My advice would be to carefully read the manufacturers'ebooks and select what suits best your weakness and the support you need.

The first goal is to obtain an increase in mental energy, to have a few permanent elements of protection, a reduction in the effects of radiation, energies and influences to complement personal discipline as long as it achieves its objectives. And, finally, both directly and indirectly, it is to support a regeneration approach to reverse the fate of the injuries received. This should talk to some... 

Some items I selected and tested :

    - Tensor Ring bracelet  (x 2)

    - Tensor Trio Pendant 144 MHz Sacred/Royal, 177 MHz Lost and 188 MHz New/Empowerment Cubit

    - Orgone Psychic Attack Protect Entities Spirits Pendant

    - Tensor Harmony Coil With 1/8 Tensor Ring Generator and Infinity Heart

    - 23k Gold Orgone Energy Auric Field Harmonizer Pyramid (Product code : yellow pyamid)

    - Orgone Psychic Attack Entities Spirits Pyramid

I invite you to go and check the detailed description of each item.

I was quite impatient to receive them and luckily I received, quite fast, carefully packed to avoid damage.

The positive effect was immediate even though I felt a slight dizziness that disappeared in less than 24 hours. Regarding the bracelets in particular, the added energy and balance in the brain's hemispheres increased the effectiveness of exercises. The set helps greatly to cross or recover from all the "storms" that can happen... Useful if your mental energy is regularly damaged or vampirized and if, for any reason you need to support your vitality... The point of all these devices is that they are non-electronic, inexpensive to produce, and therefore affordable to many of us. Moreover, their manufacturer seemed to me to be honest and strongly desiring to produce the highest quality.

It will be very easy for you to see by yourself the benefit you will receive. There are other products that are also interesting. It's up to you to see your priorities and emergencies.

I remind you that first, depending on the amount of your cart, you have discounts that apply as you go and second, with the TTIJ code, you have a discount for all amounts and for all your orders that is applied for worldwide shipping.