The video material here is of great importance. They complement and illustrate several articles and can help keep your feet on the ground, see more clearly, or identify useful benchmarks to keep getting rid of certain condiments... Some documentaries may not be (temporarily) available on the selected platform or not accessible from your country. If necessary, with their identification, you can search for another way to access to them. 

Many have been manipulated to take certain paths and everyone, everywhere on Earth, is daily influenced... Those who have not yet recovered their memories may recognize certain benchmarks of what has been done to them.

For example, some children of Freemasons, Illuminati, military, government agents, various luciferian and so on, do not know how far they have been raped, among other things, in their free will. But this is true for many more who could, when discovering these video documents, react or rather provoke reactions from some of the "programs, energies, entities and other implants" that have turned them into puppets or bio-robots...

So many people don't know or have forgotten what they've been subjected to for, when the day will be come, manipulating them, as well as using them to harm others... There are many things that are unimaginable, unknown to the general public, and of an unimaginable evil and perversity. But at least, several of these videos will provide them with a useful basis for advancing their personal development and (re)conquer their freedom. 

La Franc-Maçonnerie disséquée - Partie 1 : Puissance, Influence et Rituels :

Dissected Freemasonry - Part 1 : Power, Influence and Rituals (Audio is mainly in French) (The video will appear in a new window) :

La Franc-Maçonnerie disséquée - Partie 2 : au cœur de l'horreur :

Freemasonry Dissected - Part 2: In the heart of horror  (Audio is mainly in French) (The video will appear in a new window) :

Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives…

A former field officer on targeting, tracking and sabotage missions explains tactics and motives... This video in English is of the utmost importance since it allows you to know or recognize the tactics, methods and motivations of the sabotage and destruction of each other. There are many details about how things are organized in the United States, but you already know that these programs are about people from all over the world. Since this video is recent and the testimony is very clear and the information accurate, make sure you watch it.

Why and how Targeted Individuals are selected... T.Is often have a conspiracy theory or high-tech back ground... PHDs who did not go along with an agenda, so they end up targeted... T.Is are normally people with a IQ above average, undefended people too... The purpose of targeting is to isolate and alienate from jobs and friends, to make them lose everything and to make them homeless. V2K (Voice to skull) thought manipulation, threats-to-brain, so each target can not distinguish his own thoughts from those implanted.

Here's a talk, quite old now, in a three-part version subtitled in French that will give you the best basis on mental control, whatever government agency is operating. Please look at everything, you can complete it with the elements provided in some of the articles because technology, witchcraft and issues go even further today in a much more serious way. 

Part 1 : 

Part 2 : 

Part 3 : 

In addition, this very short interview contains a few clarifications and tips and keywords that have been able to induce some very violent reactions from some T.I. programs. Those people didn't know how much they were conditioned and controlled. In case you, too, would feel a more or less violent umcomfort, have something at hand to help you recover, and something to take notes on your reactions.



This video (mainly in English) analyzes and synthesizes many different sources, making it a valuable documentary. A few years ago, famous "weapons of mass destruction" could not be found... Here's one. The others are already or will be recognizable in various articles and other videos. The pieces of the puzzle will be more clearly organized for those who still have decisions to make. After watching the video, check the "Partners" page for electromagnetic protection and food complementation. 

Demain tous crétins ? (Tomorrow, all morons ?) (Verify availability on your platforms)

Decline in IQ, behavioral disorders and more autism : This alarming investigation shows that endocrine disruptors also affect mental health. After watching the video, check the "Partners" page for food complementation. 

Directors : Sylvie Gilman, Thierry de Lestrade


Audio French

Videos recommended in the article "Escaping your mental cage"

To better understand the scope of these documentaries, my advice would be to first read the content of the article « Escaping your mental cage".

Before you start...

This short DailyMotion video in French sums up the issue of Mind Control and Psychotronic Torture :

If you want to get a more accurate picture of the current situation (2020), these documents should be quite useful :

Synthetic Telepathy – Neuro weapons :

Source : Most important questions

Elon Musk and The 5G IOT New World Order Simulated Reality : 

Part I – Cultivate consistency 

The documentary "Out of shadows" is one of the ways to understand the manipulation and the bewitchment/subjugation of the masses.

Part II - Increase your resistance

Talking about regeneration, you can watch this French documentary :

Régénération, avec Thierry Cassasnovas, un film de Alex Ferrini :


Part IV - To meditate : Is humanity also being manipulated ?

As for the videos in Part IV, before watching them, it is preferable to have taken a rest, a step back, if possible to have advanced in the practice of the various exercises, because learning about them requires calm and cold blood.

Mimicry Experience : 

All under surveillance : 7 Billion Suspects" ARTE Documentary (Verify availability) :

Bildeberg The film (2018) - Documentary (Verify availability on your plateforms)

Directed by Joan Cutrina

With Daniel Estulin, Pilar Urbano, Nigel Farage

Since 1954, the most powerful and influential personalities in politics, finance, royalties, business, banking and the media have met each year to discuss things that the general public is still not allowed to know.

A short documentary about the takeover of all individuals through AI and 5G digital cloning and the "borgization" of all individuals : 

About the transformation of the way of life on Earth, in every field and every country, that has been prepared for many years :

The following two videos are part of the broad subject of the acquisition by several countries, including those where the death penalty has been abolished, of a very large number of "smart guillotines". It is up to you to deepen and expand your research.

This interview of a little less than an hour should help to get a pretty clear idea of what is being put in place : 

Celeste Solum warns of final depopulation attack to be unleashed against humanity in 2020 : 

Video on smart guillotines in the USA but also valid for other countries :


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